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tv   C-SPAN Weekend  CSPAN  September 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ted was a man who devoted his entire life, his whole life to alaska. he never, never gave up on it. he thought for us every day. he set the standard for public service.
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>> and so today, my friends, my campaign for alaska's future begins. [applause] i got it.
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ok. i get the message, all right. i get the message. i hear it loud and clear. and i announce today that i will be a write-in candidate in november for the united states senate seat that i now hold. we're in this together. thank you. i thank you for this support and this confidence. i will tell you that when those votes came in on the 24th of august, when they were counted, there was nobody that was more disappointed than i was. but since then, things have happened, events have transpired, and there has been an outpouring of support from
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alaskans all over the state, from all spectrums, from all political persuasions. when i sat down at a restaurant and the waiter says, lisa, run and i will quit my job and i will come to work for you. i think he actually said he would go part-time. but this is the outpouring of support that i have received from individuals stopping me in the airport, to the diners, received on the email. it has been almost overwhelming , and i am so humbled by it. now, i know -- i know that many of you know that this has been a difficult process. this decision has been a difficult one, because more often than not, when you're
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dealing with tough decisions we learn that the right thing to do is very often the hardest thing to do. it is the hardest thing to do. the easier route for me personally and for verne would be to accept the results of this primary and put me, but my family first. and i gave that very, very serious consideration. in fact, as of last night, i was still wrestling with this, still uncertain as to whether or not i could continue this race. but i looked into my heart, and i said, wrgs my heart? my heart is alaska, and i cannot leave you, i cannot stop what we have started, from ted and so many others have built and that we have been advancing
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. and for alaskans who said, lisa, please, please give us that choice, because they told me, we cannot accept the extremist views of joe miller, and we cannot -- we can't. we can't accept those views, and equally, we can't accept the inexperience of mr. mcadams. and they told me, lisa, we don't have a choice, come november 2, we don't have a choice, and we feel disenfranchised as an alaskan
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voter. so i am here to tell you, you are disenfranchised no more. so come november 2, you now have a choice. if you stand by me, i'm going to stand by you, i'm going to stand by alaska. so join me -- join me in this. thank you. thank you. now, ok. we got to hold back a second here. we can't fool ourselves with all this wonderful enthusiasm and the noise and the glance here. we can't fool ourselves that
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this is going to be an easy task. this is going to be tough. they're going to come at us. they're going to be in our face. but you know what? what do we do in alaska? have we as alaskans ever shyed away from things that are tough? no. have we in alaska ever shirked from our responsibility? no. what are we going to do? we're going to give alaskans an option. we're going to give them an option. now, we know that the mechanisms of a write-in, they tell us this is impossible, you cannot do it. alaskans can't figure out how to fill in an oval and spell m-u-r-k-o-w-s-k-i. all right! that's it! that's it! ok.
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there's an awful lot of naysayers out there, but i was reminded by a friend of mine from st. paul island, and he said there is no word for impossible in the language. so for the next 45 days, we are going to think like -- there is nothing that is impossible. nothing. nothing. now, you all know that i went back to washington a couple of days ago. the land of negative nabobism is outside interest groups like the tea party express, the pundits, there's a lot of naysayers. some of my fellow republicans, they tell me that this can't be
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done, this is a futile effort. well, perhaps it's one time that they met one republican woman who won't quit on alaska. hear, hear. hear, hear. now, i want to remind everyone too, when this whole discussion about, well, you had a process, you had a process out there, it's our constitution, our constitution that allows for,
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guarantees the right to vote for the person of your choice. i want to give thaw choice. i want to give you that option. now, my opponents are going to no doubt point out to you that prior to the -- prior to the august 24 primary, i stated that i was going to accept the outcome of that primary. i'll tell you right now, i regret that statement. i regret that i made that statement. it was made before i became aware of the last-minute mudslinging, the name calling, the outright fabrication and lies that came by mr. miller and his staff. that's unacceptable. unacceptable. so this is where i am. i've got the choice of either living with the regret of making an ill-timed statement in a debate or living with the regret of remaining silent while mr. miller and his extremist positions dismantle the relationship that center stevens and i along with so
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many others have built over the years in washington, and i can tell you unequivocally that is not in alaska's best interests. it is simply not much. now, you all -- you all are standing with me tonight, and you're supporting me. you are standing there strong. and i thank you for that. but i will be the first one to admit to you that in the primary campaign, we made some mistakes. we talked about ourselves. we talked about me a lot. but we didn't educate alaskans about the extremist views that were held by mr. miller, and when he swung, i did not swing back. well, ladies and gentlemen, friends and supporters, the gloves are off. and i'm fighting for alaska.
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we're in. you know, we are such a diverse state. you've got to have somebody in washington who is going to fight for all of our causes. whether you're a republican, a democrat, libertarian, independent, or none of the above, you've got to be fighting for all of alaskans' interest. i need to be fighting for natives and those who build our state and the military and the moms who stay at home and our firefighters and our policemen and our educators and our miners and our energy people. that's who we represent.
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we don't represent those who look just like us. that's not what alaska is about. it's not what alaska is about. we need alaskans deserve a fighter in the united states senate who will always stand up for alaska, who understands our great potential and has the experience, the respect, and the seniority to accomplish that. i am that senator. thank you. all right now. so we talked here a little bit. now we're going to work on the numbers. i want you to remember these. 11.9 and 3.4.
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that is the percentage of registered alaskan voters that voted for joe miller and scott mcadams respectively, so together, that's less than 15% of the alaskan electorate. so to the tens of thousands of you who did not vote during the primary, i ask you to join us, join us for the good of our state. your vote has never, never been more important, and yet, you're going to have to work just a little bit harder to make it count. we've got to do this together. now, as i said, this is not going to be easy. as i mentioned, you got to learn how to spell my name, but that's not as tough as it sounds. and over the next 45 days, we'll be teaching you how to spell it, and there will be -- there will be a test, but it's just one question, so you can figure that out. you can figure it out.
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you got to fill in the oval. we'll educate you on this. this is a statement that we must make for alaskans. together, we can do what they say cannot be done. alaska is not fair game for outside extremists. we are smarter than that. we are sharper than that, and we will not be had. but to accomplish our new goals, we got a lot of work to do, and it starts today. it starts with all of us. we put together a new team, a new approach, an alaska team. some of these alaskans are with us today. i'm pleased to introduce our two co-chairs, mary hughes is a long-time friend. march i, come on up here.
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mary has been a wonderful public servant herself, and i'm honored she's standing next to me. i'm also going to bring up byron mott, who's agreed to co-chair. byron, thank you. >> we can do it. we can do it. we can do it. it's all happening. >> win, lisa, win! win, lisa win! we can do it. we can do it. you make me so proud, so proud to be an alaskan.
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and i'm here to tell you, i'm here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, on november 2, we're all going to be remembering these words from our dear friend, ted stevens, to hell with politics, let's do what's right for alaska. let's win! thank you! thank you. >> lisa, the headquarters is here in town. everybody, you can help join the campaign, and let's help lisa win. you can talk to her and wsh her good luck and tell her how badly you wanted her to do this, so let's send her out
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with win, lisa, win! win, lisa, win! win, lisa, win! win, lisa, win! win, lisa, win! [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >> do you have a specific vision that can implement that vision, and do you have a demonstrated set of experiences that show you can handle it and get it done? >> outgoing minnesota governor tim pawlenty on a potential presidential run, growing up in minnesota, and his eight years as governor, sunday on c-span. >> warren brown writes a column in "the washington post." >> it is arguable, i think justifiable, to have an argument to say we would not have a black middle class had we not had general motors,
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ford, and chrysler. >> in 2008, he supported the government bailout of the auto industry. and sunday night, he'll talk about his life and what's ahead for carmakers on c-span's "q&a." >> former 2008 republican vice-presidential nominee sarah palin spoke last night at the iowa republican party's annual ronald reagan dinner in des moines. the former alaska governor is in iowa to raise money for the state republican party and campaign for the 2010 iowa g.o.p. candidate. from hy-vee hall in des moines, this is 40 minutes. >> great to be in the hawkeye state.
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>> iowa, do you love your freedom? aren't you proud to be an american? if you love your freedom, then we think of that, and i would ask anyone who has served the united states and military in the past or presently serving, if you could stand up, we're going to salute and you honor you. thank you, veterans. we do thank you and we honor you. well, i wanted to get out today in your most beautiful state and enjoy this gorgeous weather. so i put on the running shoes. and look for my hawkeyes t-shirt and my cyclones cap. showing love to the home team. lacing up the shoes, and todd says, you may want to just run
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downstairs in the treadmill, on that, and i'm saying, oh, the treadmill is kind of like knack box. i said, todd, it's gorgeous there, i want to see the view in the heartlands and it's warm, and i just last week went caribou hunting, and it was about 16 degrees, i want to go thaw out. i want to get outside and see iowa. and todd says, i don't know, i think you should go downstairs, run on that treadmill. and i said, why would i want to stay indoors? todd says, because i guarantee you, if anybody spots you in the tennis shoes, the headline's going to be, vanity fair, they're going to say, palin in iowa decides to run. oh, i did run. outside the box. it is so great to be with patriots here today. as mentioned, terry branstad here today. i know iowa appreciates his good work as governor, and
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personally urge i am great many of the for his efforts as chairman of the commission for excellence and special education. i appreciate that leadership. because of him and others who care about our special children, our country can become a more welcoming place for these beautiful, special children, those whom we can learn so much from. in fact, i'm convinced we can learn more from these kids than they're ever going to learn from us. so on half of those families, of those with special children, and someday i hope my son is big enough and strong enough to get to shake your next governor's hand, terry branstad. so terry was at a town hall meeting when i got the call that i'd endorsed him. no big darn deal. no big deal. but he gets this call, and immediately after 9 announcement, a real clever
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iowan in the crowd, she says, well, does that mean you will endorse her? and he got it right. he told the crowd, you know, we need to stay focused on this election, not the next one. and i said, yeah, i always try that, too, to pivot out of the answer. but he is right. he is right. truly, we can't wait until 2012 to get our country back on the right track. we need to start now by electing strong leaders who aren't afraid to shake it up, to rein in the federal government. it is time to take our country back. so how do we do this? got to elect leaders who respect we the people. like chuck grassley. we need him back in the united states senate.
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snore grassley has a special place in my heart. he's the only guy i know who loves to twitter as much as i do, for one. today his 77th birthday. or as reagan would say, it's the 38th an verse of his 39th brt day, so happy anniversary, chuck. senator grassley hasn't forgotten where he's from and who he represents, understanding that government is supposed to work for the american people, not the other way around. and that's why he stood strong against that mother of all unfunded mandates, obama care. he's refuting its lies and its claims, and he's promising to repeal and replace the scheme with common-sense reform. folks, leak your senator and your congressman, latham and king, they're holding the line on federal spending and government overreach in
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washington. they're out there doing this for us in d.c., so it's here in our state that we need that help, too. here in the states, it's the attorneys general who have continued the fight. we need strong, principled leaders in these a.g. offices. public servants who respect our constitution, who will protect states' rights, and who know the 10th amendment. that's why i'm supporting brenna finley for a.g. and kim reynolds for lieutenant governor in iowa. you are good people, iowa. iowa and all across the great u.s., we have some great common-sense conserve tives who are putting it all on the line. these candidates and their supporters. a lot of them just fought some tough primary battles. that's good. contested primaries are good. it's good for the system, it's
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great for the voters. democracy at work. competition is good. healthy competition breeds success, and it makes us all work harder, and this all reveals character, but the time for primary debate is over. the time for unity now, that's the time upon us, because the time for choosing is near. in just 46 days, republicans will put their ideas and their experience on the line, and they'll let the voters decide. it is time to unite. if the goal really is to take away the gavel from pelosiee and reid and to stop the obama agenda and make government respect the will of the people and the wisdom of the people, then it is time to unite. and congratulations to the primary voters and to the primary victors. now, unsuccessful g.o.p. campaigns and deflated political pundits, remember,
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attitudes are contagious, so make sure yours are worth catching. just quick wood shed moment, i think that's what moms got to do, and mama grizzles, but i'll try not to growl, but unsuccessful campaigns and experts and pundits all bent out of shape right now after some recent primary battles. i got to ask, did you ever lose a big game growing up? you know, i lost. i lost, and i lost games, races , reputations. you lose some, you win some. when faced with challenges, when faced with setbacks, i know growing up, my folks would say, show grace, build character -- well, my mom would say that. my dad was on the lines of don't retreat, just reload. that was my dad. either way -- it's for the sake
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of our country, for america's future, true patriots, reload with character and truth and healthful efforts to restore what's right about america and what will work for america. we need elected leaders in our republic to do that, so let us unite. primary voters have spoken. now, i don't know how the machine works. i don't really know who they are, who strategize and organize, that hierarchy in the g.o.p. machine or the democrats machine, i don't know. i don't know if i want to know, because i believe those experts were the ones who were wrong in massachusetts and virginia and new jersey and delaware and alaska and kentucky. so i don't know who organizes the efforts that is needed to put obsessive partisanship
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aside when it gets in the way of doing what's right for the american people. and those internal power struggles that need to be set aside for the good of the order. but if i were king, more like it, if i were a coach, if i were a coach writing, i would say, look, everyone has constructive roles in this, the needs are great heading into the midterm elections because the cause is so great. the cause, the great awakening of america, and the need, truth in america, how do we get out there? how do we get the message out there to the voters? practical ways. one, we got to raise funds, got to knock on doors. we've got to hold the press accountable when you know they're making things up and telling untruths. we've got to do this together. and by the way, i am a
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proponent of freedom in the press in this country. our young men and women in uniform, willing to fight and die for our constitutional rights, including that right to that free press. it's why i am hot on this lame stream media issue. it's why i'm adamant that they tell the truth. how dare anyone disrespect our troops' sacrifice by claiming the right to print and to say anything without a corresponding responsibility to truth? and in this kind of strange, unaccountable day of anyone and everyone getting to claim they are a journalist, you got to ask yourself, who are they really? when the media uses, stay on deep, deep background, anonymous sources, well, to cowardly attack someone, their record, their intentions, first
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remember that these sources, if they ever even really exist, first remember that they are cowards. usually in some self-preserving modes, and the georgist perpetuating the problem, the untruths, they are gutless. they rode our face in this once-proud bedrock of american democracy, the free press. and we've got to call it like we see it, or things will never change, america. i have a confession, though, because i can humbling admit that i learn as i go in this bizarre world of the heretofore media, the self-proclaimed movers and shakers. friends, it's been made abundantly clear, unfortunately, that the sources used to erode the support of common-sense conservative candidates and their supporters, including us, a proud tea party americans, those who don't hold extreme
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positions, but those who hold common-sense positions who are living these and wanting the rest of america to understand these time-tested truths that we need to get back to, truths like living within your means and that every able-bodied american should work, and that you don't steal from others, you certainly don't steal from the next generation bien occurring such debt. those aren't extreme positions. but it's been made abundantly clear that those who hold these -- i think common sense and pretty mainstream positions who are attacked, unfortunately, some destructive fault shots don't just come from the far left and that's what i'll admit to, learn in the last couple of years. but in the media, for using in that mainstream media, the
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unsubstantiated, untrue hits. it's not fair to our country. it's not fair to the electorate. it's not fair to our democracy, and it is not fair to our troops willing to sacrifice all for your freedom, journalists, ok? but anyway, anyway, if i were in that loop, though, if i were in the hierarchy of leadership in the g.o.p., to rally the troops, you know what i'd say? i'd say, ok, folks, we've got 46 days to go. i'd say to you're awesome, g.w., we need to you raise funds. you got to go east. alveeta, rush, go deep, anywhere, everywhere, people are listening. all y'all, we need everybody working together, i'm going to get in trouble for missing some names, so i better stop.
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and carl, carl, go here. you can come to iowa. and karl rove and the other leaders who will see the light and realize that these are normal, hard working, patriot americans who say no, enough is enough, we want to turn this around, and we want to get back to those time-tested truths that are right for america. but iowa, but we won't wait, as we desire the sincere effort, knowing that, yes, everyone can help, those with scruples working together, the g.o.p., this is it, g.o.p. this is our time. we can't blow it, g.o.p. but we won't wait for that political playbook to be handed us from on high from the elite
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to tell us what to do. because it's we the people, the average, everyday, hard working american people, the patriots who will turn this around. it's the voters who will stop these leftist policies, the voters will stop this fundamental transformation of america that is not good for america. it's the patriots who will restore america. and our candidates are offering bold and smart alternatives to the obama, pelosi, reid overreach agenda. this will secure our future and preserve our liberty and get our economy back on the right track. of course, that hasn't stopped the left from telling voters that the g.o.p. is just the party of no, that it has no new ideas.
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i find that really interest that a critique is yet another government stimulus. like today, we see california auditors having to admit they're in l.a. oh, there were a handful of jobs created with your stimulus money, about 50-some jobs to the tune of $111 million. that's about $2.2 million for every job saved or created there. and i'm the idiot, hmm. but the left keeps arguing that, no, we've got no new ideas, that the only plank in our platform is no. in fact, just a couple of weeks ago, president obama was in milwaukee, and he was telling everyone that the republicans are determined to disagree with him about everything. he said first, you know, i don't want to be disagreeable, but i think he's wrong. there are things we can't agree on. for example, the president said republicans would disagree if i
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said that the sky was blue. not true. the sky is blue. he said republicans would disagree with him if he said fish live in the sea. there again, not true, fish live in the sea. when unemployment rose to 10%, he said not to worry, because there are better days ahead. i agree. there are better days ahead. november 2 is just ahead, and that's shaping up to be a great day for america. and that's not all that we can agree on. the president has finally announced, finally, a professional he says will get the economy moving again. he finally wants a certain development tax cut, a credit, and that's fine. and he wants a writeoff. good idea. i particularly like those ideas when they were part of the mccain-palin platform back in
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2008. but folks, the democrats' overall tax policy is so flawed. raising taxes in a time of economic woe will fail, america. come january 1, when we are slammed with the largest tax increase in u.s. history, we're warned that you're going to see 80% of the taxes paid by the small business sector rise. small business, the backbone of our economy. nearly a million businesses hit. that's who obama characterizes as the rich. they're going to get slammed. and that means these mom and pops will have to lay off workers. we're warned, it means that families will lose health insurance. losing homes. more and more families having to go on welfare. they're having to rely on government, be more beholden to the federal government, and this is a vicious cycle, and it makes you wonder, ask yourself,
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do you think that these failed policies are purposeful? or do you think that our president and his handlers are just so naive and inexperienced and maybe have never run a business before? we need solutions. and the solutions, instead of tax hikes, and this one that they're talking about, january 1, and it is an increase. it's just another taxpayer-funded bailout, this time it's congress itself. instead, let small business owners keep more of what they earn so that they can reinvest in their business and expand and hire people instead of letting politicians take more from you and spend it on more government growth. no, cutting taxes, it works. mayors do it. leveling the playing field to allow competition works. the free market principles work there. governors do it. the free market works, inviting competition.
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hey, so feds, let the private sector soar and america will soar again. so have we been just the party of no, g.o.p.? well, the truth is, if you love your country and you love your liberty and our station, and you prize individual, strong work ethic, and our pioneering spirit, then you probably haven't had much common ground with in this administration. they think the answer to every problem is another federal program. and they think that we can reboot our economy by cashing in clunkers and weatherizing windows and loosening light bulbs. and by supporting foreign countries' natural resource development instead of our own. regardless of those standards or substandards when it comes to workers or environmental safety. yet not allow our own resource
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development to domestic supplies here in america. they think that america's future should be dictated from the top down, not the bottom up. they think that there just is nothing exceptional about the american people. they have faith in big government. we have faith in the people. we believe what ronald reagan believed, that government is not the solution. too often government is the problem. we believe -- we believe, as ronald reagan believed, that government must work with us, not over us. it must stand by our side, not right on our back. and we believe the world is a safer place when we stand up to our enemies and our allies. these days, the president's approach to foreign policy seems to be, as one european
6:42 am
official put it, enemy-centric. the president writes friendly letters to rone's leaders, and yet picks a fight over housing policy with israel, our strongest ally over there? he reset violations with russia, but cancelled missile defense plans with our nato allies. he's eased sanctions on cuba, but failed to move forward on trade agreements with colombia and south korea. and he can't muster spending time or meaningful support for iranians risking their lives by opposing ahmadinejad. but he fond time to is not a report to the u.n. alleging our country's human rights violations. there's a disturbing pattern here of reaching out to sworn enemies while sliding our proven friends. folks, that's not foreign policy. that's just foolish.
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how long can that go on? and as we just saw recently, if that wasn't enough, our president still refuses to admit that the surge in iraq was a success, even as he's surging troops into afghanistan. seems he's more concerned with the politics of withdrawal than with the pursuit of victory. and while the threats to our security grow, it's shrinking the budget for defense against those threats. the obama administration's foreign policy is a far cry from ronald reagan days. president reagan nurtured our allies. he confronted our adversaries. he had clarity and vision and purpose. he knew that an evil empire deserves to be left on the ash heap of history, and he had the courage to say so. he called it as he saw it. i remember for me, just a young
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girl, the four words that he spoke, as i shared that grave concern with our country and for our country and the world's safety, wondering how are we going to be safe? the curiosity as to how we and our allies be secure against an evil world? reagan said it and solidified his commitment. he said we win, they lose. few leaders have the clarity and the courage and the conviction to define an era, but ronald reagan inspired us to greatness. he saw and he spoke to the heart of america. he looked out at soaring inflation and skyrocketing unemployment and a cold war. he didn't see despair, though. he saw the dawn of a new day,
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because reagan understood the exceptional nature of america. he knew that what makes her exceptional sent her politicians, it's her people. those things are principle and our people. they've enabled us to weather tough times before, and they will see us through the challenges that we face today. president reagan said his revolution was really just a return to those principles that he called the great rediscovery of our values and our common sense. knowing if he were here with us today, the gipper would agree that we're due for a little rediscovery. it's time for renewal, restoration of honor, and those time-tested truths. and it may take some renegade
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going rowing to get us there. -- renegade going rogue to get us there. it may take some folks shaking it up to get there. remember, iowa, it was those type of folks who were the founders of our nation, the freedom fighters, those who wrote that constitution that we're celebrating tonight. now, it means then being perhaps sometimes that party of no, saying no, when we have policies that violate our constitution and our values. i've said it before, i think a little repudiation now and then is a good thing. it's leak mark twain used to say, patriotism is supporting your country all of the time and your government when it deserves it.
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we can still be critical of our government and hold it accountable and still have great faith in our country. and based on what i've seen over the past year, i do, there is more than enough reason to have faith in america. times may be tough, but there are signs of hope all over the place. you just know where to look. in places like des moines and davenport and dover, delaware, americans are working hard to get our country back on track, and neighborhoods are helping neighbors, and families are scaling back, we're reprioritizing, making some sacrifices today. thomas paine, one of our founders, you know what he used to say? he used to talk about, if there be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may have
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peace. what he was talking about was the need to make some sacrifices and reprioritize today so that our children and our grandchildren have the opportunities that we all had, and we'll make sure that the nation is strengthened and prosperous and remains the most voluntarily generous nation on earth. if we reprioritize and make sacrifices today, there's more than enough reason to have faith in americans who believe that and will live that out. and against tough odds, entrepreneurs today and small business owners, they're growing the economy one job, one night shift, one american dream at a time. across the country, people are getting involved. they're going to town hall meetings and writing their op-eds and writing for office
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and attending the tea parties. and they have a vision for the future, one that values conservative principles, common sense, constitutionally based principles. and when i see their dedication and their decency and their patriotism, i'm not worried about our future. i'm confident and i am hopeful, because this is our movement, this is our moment, this is our morning in america. americans have never been sunshine patriots. we're not summer soldiers. sense our founding, we have known that it's a struggle and that we must sacrifice for the great american experiment. we've endured the dark days, secure in the knowledge that our cause is great, it's noble, it's true, and we've always emerged stronger and more prosperous because of our fonding principles and the spirit, the spirit of our
6:50 am
people. again, that's why we don't need to fundamentally transform america. we need to restore america. so between now and november, we're going to stand up and we're going to speak out when washington got it wrong. we're going to fight or our values and fight or our constitution. we're going to elect leaders who have the courage to do what weapon is morally right. candidates, maybe underdogs, underfunded here, they're going to be made known, because these are patriots willing to buck the system to take it back, doing all this for the right reasons, not for personal power struggles, titles and money or anything else. they're in this for the right reasons. with them, we're going to get back to the time-tested truth that made this country great,
6:51 am
the belief that the government that governs least governs best, and that the constitution provides the most perfect path towards a more perfect union, and that only limited government can provide the prosperity and the opportunities for all. freedom is a god-given right and worth fighting for, and that -- and that every innocent life has purpose, has destiny, every innocent life deserves to be in that circle of protection and respect. and then our men and women in uniform, they are mark's finest, they are a force for good in this world, and that is nothing to apologize for.
6:52 am
those are the principles that our nation was founded upon. those are the principles or republican party has stood for and fought for for more than 150 years. now let's get back to them, those are the principles that will usher in a new day in america. iowa, it starts here, it starts tonight, let's get it back. god bless iowa. god bless the united states of america. thank you. thanks, guys.
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>> up next, we're live with your calls and comments on "washington journal." and then a house financial services committee hearing on fannie mae and freddie mac. later, treasury secretary timothy geithner on china's currency policy.
6:59 am
>> warren brown writes a weekly car column for the "washington post." >> it is arguable, i think justifiable, to have an argument to say that we would not have a black middle class had we not had general motors or ford and chrysler. >> in 2008, he supported the government bailout of the auto industry. and send night, he'll talk about his life and what's ahead for carmakers on c-span's "q&a." .


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